Environmental Protection

  • 10GW
  • 11,062million tons
  • 40,931million tons
  • 643million tons

In "Charitable Environmental Protection", GCL focuses on reducing energy consumption, responding to climate change, protecting biological diversity, and many other environmental protection projects as it strives to fund environmental protection events, environmental protection organizations, increase employee awareness of environmental protection and participation in environmental protection events, and other such objectives. In the future, "Eco-Friendly" events will still form the main direction of the foundation's funding projects.

2011-2013 Responsibility Contributions

  • PV material products as an eco-friendly substitute for coal-burning power generation

    11.06 million tons of coal (standard) = 41.3 million tons of carbon dioxide

  • Improved efficiency of coal-burning power generation means saved coal consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions

    4.55 million tons of coal (standard) = 17.01 million tons of carbon dioxide

  • Renewable energy-based power generation helps save coal consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions

    450 thousand tons of coal (standard) = 1.68 million tons of carbon dioxide

  • GCL power plants generating approximately

    289,500 kWh each day

  • Which can meet the electricity needs of

    57,900 households

Protecting Tibetan Antelope

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) recently advocated for the sustainable renewable energy movement as over-exploitation, dense transportation networks, and large-scale use of fossil fuels will overwhelm and endanger the vast majority of the Earth's natural environments and species. The impact of such devastation must not be ignored. 


With this in mind, GCL Sun Charity Foundation joined together with the Shanghai Zoo, Hoh Xil Nature Reserve Administration, and Heng Yuan Xiang Group to launch the "Vitality of the Earth" - Tibetan Antelope Protection Education Project. This project aims to raise public awareness of the protection of biodiversity and advocate for the concept of harmony between humanity and nature through a series of events including the Painting 100 Antelopes for the Year of the Sheep, Chinese Zodiac Garden Party, Tibetan Antelope Exhibition and Seminar, Knitting Scarves for the Ambulance Crews of Hoh Xil, and the Clean Energy Science Exhibition.